E-Visa for Egypt

Egypt e visa

Egypt is one of the most amazing countries in Africa when considering tourist attractions. As such, tourists flock to the country in hundreds of thousands every year. Until recently, foreigners could only acquire a visa to Egypt immediately after their arrival at the airport. The process was marred by long queues, tiredness, and the strict use of USD currency. Fortunately, the Egyptian government announced a change of tactic in November 2017 by introducing a new Egypt e-Visa. Some people do not know what it is and, hence, we have taken time to conduct research and brief you on what it is.

e-Visa Egypt denotes an innovative system that gives citizens of eligible countries electronic travel authorization to enter Egypt. Egypt announced a list of countries whose citizens are eligible for an e-Visa during the implementation of the new system. The foreigners from the countries in the list can obtain a valid and an approved e-visa for Egypt when at home. These foreigners apply for e-Visa Egypt before they depart from home to their Egyptian destination of choice. The applicants can obtain the new electronic travel authorization to enter Egypt online without necessarily visiting the embassy. The online Egypt e-Visa application process is easy, simple, and less tedious, unlike the offline visa application process.

e-Visa for Egypt
e-Visa for Egypt

e-Visa Egypt is available for foreigners wishing to visit the country for tourism purposes. It is important to note that the Egypt e-Visa is only valid for a duration of 3 months, which runs from the date of issuance. The traveler holding the e-Visa Egypt is only allowed to stay in the country for not more than 30 consecutive days since the date of entry. Egypt e-Visa allows travelers to apply for a tourist visa regardless of whether they are interested in a one-time or recurrent tour. Therefore, the traveler holds the prerogative to make one or multiple entries when applying for Egypt Visa Online. With this understanding, the main question in your mind must concern the requirements that one must fulfill to be eligible for an e-Visa for Egypt. Worry no more because the terms are simplified for you below:

Egypt e-Visa Requirements


As mentioned earlier, the Egyptian government released a list detailing the countries whose citizens are eligible for the newly implemented e-Visa Egypt program. Therefore, the first requirement when applying for the Egypt Visa Online is to be a citizen of an eligible country. Individuals from other countries are barred from using this electronic travel authorization to enter Egypt.

Personal Identification

Personal identification is a vital necessity whenever an individual is traveling to another country. The law enforcement agents in a foreign country need personal information to identify the origin of the traveler. The personal identification documents necessary when applying for Egypt Visa Online must clearly state the names, date of birth, as well as the nationality of the traveler. In addition, the travelers must hold valid debit/credit cards to guarantee their financial stability during the visit.


Every applicant wishing to use the innovative Egypt e-Visa is required to be a holder of an ordinary passport. The ordinary passport should clearly show the document number, expiry date, date of issuance, as well as the issuing country. The Egyptian government has made it mandatory for the travelers to hold ordinary passports with not less than 8 months validity from the arrival date.

Purpose and Duration of Visit

The travelers are required to submit a detailed account of their purpose of visit. The travelers should precisely state why they wish to visit Egypt. In addition, the travelers must state the duration of their visit. They must define the time, in days, that they wish to spend in the country. Remember that the duration of the visit cannot exceed 30 consecutive days.

Application for e-Visa Egypt

Electronic Travel Authorization to enter Egypt
Electronic Travel Authorization to enter Egypt

The foreigners are not considered unless they make formal application to acquire the Egypt e-Visa. The prospective travelers must apply by correctly filling out the online e-Visa form and submitting it for approval. The applicants ought to pay the mandatory fee to initiate the application and approval process.
Note: The Egypt e-Visa Online is only applicable when visiting the country solely for tourism purposes. Therefore, anyone visiting the country for study, work, or any other purpose should visit the embassy and apply for a different visa.



Citizens from these countries are eligible to apply for an online e-visa Egypt:

 Albania  Iceland  Poland
 Australia  Ireland  Portugal
 Austria  Italy  Romania
 Belgium  Japan  Russia
 Bulgaria  New Zealand  Serbia
 Canada  South Korea  Slovakia
 Croatia  Latvia  Slovenia
 Cyprus  Lithuania  Spain
 Czech Republic  Luxembourg  Sweden
 Denmark  Macedonia  Switzerland
 Estonia  Malta  Ukraine
 Finland  Moldova  United Kingdom
 France  Monaco  United States
 Germany  Montenegro  Vatican City
 Greece  Netherlands
 Hungary  Norway